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  1. What's happening now? QUÉ ESTÁ SUCEDIENDO AHORA MISMO? Exercises on present continuous. Haz 4 ejercicios sobre el presente continuo: En caso de duda, aquí tienes un esquema y una imagen comentada. external image lesson8cz7.jpg

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What are they doing now?
  1. Cathy is reading a magacine.
  2. Debbie and Eric are talking.
  3. Frank and Gina are listening to music


  1. Make a spiderweb on a grammar topic chosen by your team.external image happy_summer-5173.gif
  2. Then upload it on Edmodo.com (or send your teacher by email).

  1. Make a spiderweb on a grammar topic chosen by your team.
  2. Then upload it on Edmodo.com (or send your teacher by email: alfamisterche@gmail.com).

Paul's corner to revise his test
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  1. Relatives
  2. Reported speech: statements
  3. Reported questions
  4. Reported commands:
  5. Passive voice
  6. Conditionals 2.


We use in with months - in May
seasons - in winter
country - in Greece
city or town names - in New York
times of the day - in the morning, afternoon or evening
BUT at night!
We use "on" with specific days - on Friday, on New Year's Day, on April the 19th
American English - "on the weekend OR on weekends"
We use "at" with specific times - at 7 o'clock, at 6.15
at night
specific places in a city - at school
British English - "at the weekend OR at weekends"
We use "to" with verbs which show movement such as go and come - He goes to school.
She returned to the store.

  1. Prepositions quiz: 15 questions
  2. Choose a time prepo


  1. Placepreposexternal image prep2fq8.jpg


  1. Past continuous for long actions: was or were?external image PAST%2BCONTINUOUS.gif
  2. Questions
  3. Wh-questions
  4. Mix modes.
  5. both Pasts: simple or continuous?
  6. Question tags & Short answers.



  1. PREPOSITIONS OF PLACE: in, on, undernext to, in front of, behind...Put everything in its right placeWhere?


external image MODAL%252BVERBS.jpg
external image MODAL%252BVERBS.jpg

  1. can & can't;
  2. ability in the past: could & couldn't.
  3. must & have to
  4. advice: should & shouldn't
  5. Quiz on modals: can vs. should
  6. Revising modals

can= be able tomust = to have to


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  1. Revising past simple: turn into past simpleexternal image Past+Simple.jpg
  2. Revise question words:WH-
  3. An appropriate answer for each question.
  4. Make wh- questions: Why did you litter the playground?


3'AB'27thMAYexternal image grammar+chart+conditionals.gif

  1. Conditional in comic.
  2. First Conditional.
  3. Any order in condition.
  4. Choice in conditional.


TIP: for explanation about IMPERATIVE

  1. Orders & instructions.external image 0613-life-instructions.jpg
  2. Negative for warnings.
  3. Tell your friend what to do.
  4. Imperative for GOOD MANNERS
TIP: for new vocab: google translator

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  1. Complete these sentences in the past simple.
  2. Find out the irregular verbs and complete the chart.
  3. Past simple IN CONTEXT: fill in the gasps in a text

  1. Predictions: will & won't sentences.external image banner_predicting.gif
  2. Future: make questions.
  3. Mix: positive, question & negative in future.
  4. Common sense: will or won't.
  5. First conditional: If I have some money, I will go to the cinema.
  6. Predicting with hypothesis: What will you do if you win the lotto?
  7. Superstitions game.

  1. Make questions
  2. past for to be: was & were.
  3. Word order in questions with to be in the past.
  4. Complete these sentences in the past simple.
  5. Find out the irregular verbs and complete the chart.
  6. Past simple IN CONTEXT: fill in the gasps in a text


  1. Make sentences in past simple. Be careful with IRREGULAR VERBS
  2. Look a the chart and answer the questions in past.
  3. Turn positive sentences in past TENSE into questions
  4. Turn these sentences into negative.

  1. Make a poster with irregular verbs:
  3. this is the list
  4. seven verbs each group
  5. upload the file in Edmodo

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  1. Revising quantifiers: some, any, many, much, little, few, a little, a few
  2. Plans: to be going to: positive,external image wallpaper_englishTea_wide_01.jpg
  3. Answer to plans
  4. negative plans
  5. Talking about plans: use before, after, later, then, finally...
  6. visit Edmodo.com and write your mock comp about AN UNUSUAL ANIMAL


  1. identify animals: they live in the sea
  2. Animal game.
  3. Spot the difference about animals.
  4. Describe these animals.


  1. Describing: there is / are
  2. What's happening now?


  1. What's happening now? is, am, are.
  2. word order.
  3. What are they doing?
    external image present-continuous-tense.gif
  4. Short forms: You're working
  5. Are you listening to the radio at present? No, I'm not.

verb to be, table  present indefinite tense, grammar the present progressive, ing form
verb to be, table present indefinite tense, grammar the present progressive, ing form


  1. Countable & uncountableexternal image GRADE%2B2%2B-%2BNOUN%2BQUANTIFIERS.JPG
  2. Quantifiers: practice.
  3. some & any
  4. How much & how many? Much, many, a lot of...
  5. a little, a few
  6. containers: a box of, a glass of, pack

visit Edmodo.com and check your mock writing
  • false friends: uncountable
  • Counting more words: